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The Organization

The XLO is an organization that helps its members achieve ultimate business and personal potential through learning from industry experts, shared experiences, and personal growth. The philosophy of the XLO is to ensure the highest ideals of professionalism and camaraderie are embodied in every aspect of the organization. This philosophy is critical, for if our members’ needs, goals and desires go un-quenched, the organization serves no purpose.

The Meetings

Networking ExecutivesThe XLO meets four times each year for half-day (five-hour) luncheon sessions occurring in February, May, August, and November. Each meeting has several components, but the most valuable aspect is opportunity to network with other individuals sharing the same values, principles, responsibilities, and problems.

A year-long theme, or learning goal, is established each year, and the meetings serve a critical role in achieving that goal. For example, the broad topic of business growth and development is the theme for the 2014 membership year; however, this is a multifaceted topic. More specific topics, such as communication, succession planning and knowledge transfer best practices, leadership development, risk management, and more are vital components which are touched upon.

Each meeting is inextricably interwoven with one another, thus forming an impenetrable fabric of knowledge. This program design not only ensures a wealth of information is imparted, but because each session is linked one to the other, consistent participation is assured throughout the year, thereby promoting the most valuable benefit – networking.

In addition to the many professional speakers you will meet, the return on your investment will be exponentially greater through the networking opportunities you will have and the receipt of a number of other professional benefits.


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