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Membership in the Executive Leadership Organization is an important stepping stone toward your future achievements. Your active participation enables you to network with other influential peers and business professionals; learn from industry leading presenters and experts; and, develop your personal foundations and professional acumen.

We are proud to offer top-notch executive participation and constant expansion of our services, ensuring our members and our organization remain on the cutting-edge of the global business environment.


The benefits and advancements gained through XLO membership are undisputable; however, membership may not be the right fit for all. To ensure our membership community shares the same socioeconomic values, membership is limited to qualified executive leaders (e.g. CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.), presidents, and other top executives with budgetary responsibilities in excess of one-million dollars, but this is merely the base qualification.

Our organization is about far more than financial success; perpetuation of our ideals, constantly attaining then redefining and expanding our goals, and a global non-acceptance of the status quo is at the very core of our beliefs. To this end, candidates for membership must also satisfy the following criteria:

  • Exemplify the highest ideals and ethical standards;
  • Passionately embrace professional and community interaction;
  • Possess an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, growth and self improvement;
  • Be nominated by an existing member in good standing;
  • Obtain recommendations from four (4) independent references affirming the candidate's integrity and character; and,
  • Be approved by the selection committee.

The XLO offers solid principles and incomparable privileges in the journey of achieving your potential. If you are nominated for membership, complete the application and join one of the most distinctive and extraordinary organizations in the business world. Your membership is a tremendous advantage to your business ventures, and will not only promote a stronger and more valuable business community, but also helps position you to help your community.

To apply, download a copy of our confidential application. Application processing will commence once your completed form and payment are received.

Membership Levels

1.  Annual Member -  $2500 per-year

a.  The annual membership fee entitles each member in good standing to attend all regularly scheduled meetings and events.

2.  Executive Circle Member - $16,000 first year (Best Value)

a.  The Executive circle membership fee entitles each executive circle member in good standing to:

i.  All benefits of the Annual Member; and

ii.  Bring up to one (1) qualifying co-worker from the same company/organization to each meeting at no additional charge for the first year;

A.  Beginning at the start of the second year, and all subsequent years thereafter, the Executive Circle Member, and their co-worker (if any) EACH pays only 25% of the “Annual” member fee; and

iii.  Is entitled to attend any special functions and events scheduled exclusively for Executive Circle members.


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