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Elective Program

Business TriageThe XLO Business Triage Service is an elective program to help you in a variety of ways, ranging from improving your profit margin to disaster mitigation and everything in between. The customized and unique XLO Business Triage process provides objective guidance to improve your effectiveness, efficiency and business interactions by offering a structured evaluation framework for business decision making, outcome / goal prioritization, and resource allocation.

Executives choosing to take advantage of this service pay an additional fee, and are embarking on a formalized evaluation of your organization for the purpose of increasing performance; it is therefore imperative you commit your time and energy, otherwise your financial investment, and, more importantly, the time of the other professionals committed to helping you, will be wasted.


The confidential process begins by completing a comprehensive profile of your organization. Although a lengthy process, the collection of data unique to your organization is the requisite first step to providing to you the most accurate and statistically valid guidance. Moreover, this uniform process ensures consistent and reliable information for everyone taking advantage of this service.

Once all necessary information has been submitted to the evaluation team, a Business Triage session will be convened, independent of regularly scheduled XLO meetings. Although the triage sessions are conducted in a casual environment, executives using this service must come prepared for an intense work session aimed entirely at their success.

This service provides priceless advice for value-added problem solving. But the real benefit of participating comes from the many practical but powerful solutions that can propel your business to a new level.

For more information about participating in the XLO Business Triage Service, contact Robert Morris at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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